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Här visar Fredrik Eklund upp sitt nya drömhus

Det var i april som stjärnmäklaren Fredrik Eklund meddelade att han köpt ett klassisk i townhouse i delstaten Connecticut. Nu har han han bott in sig huset i några veckor och delar sina intryck på Instagram.

Det gick inte att ta miste på entusiasmen som Fredrik Eklund utstrålade när han lade ut den allra första bilden av sitt nya hus i Roxbury, Connecticut, bara 1,5 timmes bilresa från Manhattan.

"Det här har jag drömt om sedan jag var liten – vi är så lyckliga", skrev han då.

För tre veckor sedan flyttade Fredrik och hans Derek äntligen in i villan tillsammans med hundarna Mouse och Fritzy.

I ett inlägg från mitten av augusti står Derek framför huset och håller sin son Kai i handen.

"I natt kommer vi sova vår första natt i huset och vi kommer att sova som små glada griskultingar. Jag har så mycket att vara tacksam för".

Av de efterföljande bilderna att döma så stortrivs Fredrik och Derek som townhouse-ägare. Så mycket att han nästan har svårt att slita sig.


It's so hard to say good bye to her, but tomorrow the fall season of selling starts. In New York City! #MrSell

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)

Dereks mamma kom på besök och överöses med beröm – inte minst för att hon uppfostrat honom så bra.

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Fredrik Eklund har postat flera bilder från huset.

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Time to write another book. ☕️🔥📖

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)

Hundarna får ofta vara med.



Happy Labor Day Weekend from FreDerek. #4wieners

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)



The sunrise this morning as I took the pups for a walk around our pond, reflective like a giant mirror. 🙏

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)



You Tarzan, me Fredrik. 😍

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)




Saturday morning 😍

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)



Walking around our pond in the early morning, grass still wet. So many memories re-activated. Take my five-year old hand, now. See how small and soft it is. Come along, inside, here. Let me tell you about the memories of mys, I thought they were long gone. Let me bring you with me to what I though I lost, perhaps we both lost, to what I thought we might never find again. Let me remind you too. It was summer, I was so young, Sweden so big, the world outside unknown then. There was no New York, nothing but love, family and mys. The room was silent, as I woke up naturally, not knowing what time it was, not really caring, no alarm clock, no beeping iPhone by the bed. Just silence and green leaves dancing outside the large window. The night before I had been reading old Donald Duck-cartoons by Carl Barks in the upper level of the bunk bed, now spread all over the bed. The special smell of the paper from then 20 years ago, the fiber within the paper itself, bleached yellow from two decades of sun light, the very same cartoons my mother had read as a child herself, in the very same bed. Black-and-white photos of her on the wall as a little girl, smiling at me with her hair out, then long and blonder. The large, round mirror hanging on the door, my little body reflecting in it, already tanned from the Swedish summer holiday sun, being at peace with it because there was no pressure to look or perform, just be. My little button nose, my big blue eyes, my blond hair. It was the summer of 1982 and my entire life was in front of me.

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)




There they stand, holding hands. Derek and Kai. In front of our new country house. 🙏 Tonight will be the first night sleeping in the house and we will sleep like little smiling piglets. I have so much to be thankful for! #familyfirst . . When it comes to the competition I announced two days ago here, to win a trip to New York, I've decided to not only double but triple the winners. I mean I had to! With so many amazing people enrolling here between IG and FB with their often touching comments, it was difficult to chose to say the least. Last year someone from Sweden won. But this year I've picked Mark Josem from Melbourne, Australia as well as Emily Briffa from Toronto, Canada. Mark is in real estate, Emily is not as she has her own business making bee honey. Both have been notified and jumped and screamed LOL. I hope I can inspire both to become more successful... and then make them laugh while showing them my city. Now, I've decided the third person will be from the US, it is time for someone amazing from AMERICA to win too, so I'll pick him or her tomorrow. Anyway, I'm going to group together these three people for a long weekend in my New York in October - on my dime. Love you all, thank you for your support and sweet words. ❤️

Ett foto publicerat av Fredrik Eklund (@fredrikeklundny)


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